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Before you can start driver training, you need to have passed a learners theory exam.
The learners test is multiple choice exam.

The learners test is the same for code 10, code 11 and code 14.

The question paper is made up of 100 multiple choice questions. Your vehicle classification will determine the questions you need to answer.

Question 1 to 52 are general questions and are required for motorcycles, light motor vehicles or heavy motor vehicles.

Questions for Light motor cars:
Question 1 to 52 plus 69 to 84

Questions for Heavy motor cars:
Question 1 to 52 plus 85 to 100

Questions for Motorcycles Question:
1 to 52 plus 53 to 69 has a free community compliled mock-up test that is very close to the official test, we encoureage learners to learn and practise using the online learners questions and answers.

If you feel you need more than the online test, we also offer one on one training where your instructor will take you through each question and explain it to you. You can book a 2 hour session from R399.00. Book a learners class session by location.

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