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Driving Lesson Prices and Deals

Driving Lesson Prices in South Africa

A single per hour driving lessons rate starts at R180.00 for Code 8 manual or automatic vehicles.

Driving Lessons typically range between R180.00 and R240.00 per hour on light motor vehicles.

The price is varies between cities and is influenced by the travelling distance.

The instructor will continue training from where the learner stopped on previous lessons or the learner can decide to brush up on on the following:

  • Exterior inspection, Interior inspection, Staring procedure, Control of car
  • Observations, Rules of the road, Hand signals, Emergency stop
  • Three point turn , Incline Start
  • Alley Docking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Other driver related techniques and observations.

This rate excludes usage of the training yard and is added to the learners expense.
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