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K53 Driving Test Resources

Your Drivers Test. What to expect

This is a general overview of the K53 drivers test.

On the day of your test you need to be at the traffic department 15mins before the test time.

The first thing you do is inspect your car.
If your vehicle is not roadworthy (low tyre tread, damaged light bulb, wipers, windscreen) you will fail.

Although your instructor will pre-check the vehicles roadworthiness, its a good idea to do it yourself as this forms parts of the exam.

After your car has been inspected and passed, the test begins.

The drivers test is divided into two parts.

The yard test and the road test.

The yard test is where you are tested on the following:

  1. Parallel Parking.
  2. Alley Docking.
  3. Three Point Turn.
  4. Incline Start.

Your parking needs to be completed in 20mins or less and it is marked out of 50 points.

Once completed, your road test will start.

Your road test is a minimum of of 20 minutes and it is marked out of 160 points.

On the road test you will be tested on the following:

  1. Ggeneral driving and observations
  2. Safety and control
  3. Intersections and traffic
  4. Emergency stop
  5. Hand signals.

Once you have completed the road test, you will return to the traffic department where your score will be tallied.

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