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Frequently Asked Questions

How many driving lessons do I need to pass?

Answer: The amount of lessons needed depends on your experience and personal progress. If you are already able to drive and you are comfortable behind the wheel, 5 to 10 lessons should be enough to brush up on the requirements needed to pass your test. A new driver would need about 20 hours of training with practise in-between.

If I passed my learners in one province, can I do my drivers test in another province ?

Answer: Yes you can. You are not restricted to the city or province wherein your learners was issued.

Do I need to pay upfront for my lessons ?

Answer: Single lessons are paid for on the day of the lesson. Packaged deals are usually paid upfront depending on the arrangement you have with your instructor.

If I pass my drivers test in an automatic car, will my license allow me to drive a manual vehicle ?

Answer: No. If you pass in an automatic vehicle, you will only be license for an automatically vehicle.

How long is my learners valid for ?

Answer: You learners permit is valid for 2 years / 24 months.

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