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K53 Driving Test Resources


Your Drivers Test. What to expect

This is a general overview of the K53 drivers test. On the day of your test you need to be at the traffic department 15mins before the test time. The first thing you do is inspect your car. If your vehicle is not roadworthy (low tyre tread, damaged…

Passing your learners exam

A learner’s licence exam is the official test that establishes whether or not you have the basic knowledge of a motor car and the rules of the road. There are loads of online material and free apps that you can use to pass your K53 learners test. We recommend…

Driving Lessons Explained

This is a general overview of driving lessons in South Africa. The K53 driving standard is the official and only recognised driving method accepted in South Africa. As such, every driving school and instructor has one objective in mind and that is to teach you safe driving practices according to…

Frequently Asked Questions

How many driving lessons do I need to pass? Answer: The amount of lessons needed depends on your experience and personal progress. If you are already able to drive and you are comfortable behind the wheel, 5 to 10 lessons should be enough to brush up…

Cape Town traffic departments

A list of Traffic Departments in Cape Town that facilitates Drivers and Learners Tests Please note: All traffic departments do not cater for heavy vehicles and motorcycles. If you are looking for driving lessons in Cape Town or need advice on booking for your drivers or learners test, see

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