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Driving Lessons Explained

This is a general overview of driving lessons in South Africa. The K53 driving standard is the official and only recognised driving method accepted in South Africa. As such, every driving school and instructor has one objective in mind and that is to teach you safe driving practices according to the South African rules of the road. For drivers with some experience, this is generally the sequence in which your lessons will progress:

Drivers with some experience

  1. Introduction to the vehicles controls, starting and taking off.
  2. Exterior inspection, Interior inspection, Staring procedure, Control of car
  3. Rules of the road, Hand signals, Emergency stop
  4. K53 observations
  5. Three point turn
  6. Alley Docking (left & right)
  7. Parallel Parking (right)
  8. Parallel Parking (left)
  9. Incline Start
  10. Assessment/Mock test

New Drivers with no driving experience

As driving is an acquired skill and the progress is determined by each individuals ability to learn, there is no exact recipe that works for new drivers.

Your instructor will start with an assessment and introduce you to the vehicle controls and take off.

Each lesson will then be followed with a practice session of what was learnt before.

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